Monday, January 2, 2012

Farmer sells stevia locally in the Phillipines

The article excerpted below mentions that a grower in the Phillipines (Mrs. Maura de Leon of Tambobong, Bocaue, Bulacan) discovered optimum results from growing several stevia plants per hill instead of single plants spaced apart. She and neigbors grow about 3.5 hectares (about 8.6 acres). She sells stevia in the local market. Optimum production techniques will vary by location. The Phillipines is a tropical climate, for instance, with particular soil types. But it is likely that farmers around the world could use a similar marketing and production plan, employing local farmers and selling to local consumers.
January Agriculture Magazine now out The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online:
She found out that growing several plants per hill instead of single plants has been the key to her success in growing the stevia. She has now taught neighbors to grow for her so that there are 20 neighboring families who have been taught to grow the plant for her. About 3.5 hectares are now planted to stevia which are her source of materials for processing. Her product can now be found in the local market.