Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Make Your Own Stevia Extract

This article tells how to make a liquid stevia extract with water or vodka. Take a look!
How To Make Your Own Stevia Extract - Survival Blog With A Family Focus:
Most of us can’t grow sugar in our back yard, but growing stevia is a completely different story.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interview on Stevia as a Houseplant in Columbus Post Dispatch

I was recently interviewed by Denise Trowbridge for an article in the Columbus Post Dispatch entitled Growing Stevia from Seed Produces Sweet Reward. A couple of my photos are featured as well. If you are a successful stevia grower or would like to begin selling stevia plants or leaf in your area, perhaps at farmer’s markets, you might consider pitching a story idea to your local newspaper. The topic fits well for cooking, culinary, gardening, and general lifestyle categories. A nice potted stevia plant can be helpful. Offer the reporter a leaf to taste, and a photo opportunity with the plant. The St. Joseph News Press ran a nice story on stevia a while back, featuring me and my stevia plant. Adventurous gardeners really go for this plant when they find out about it. There’s no other sweet treat quite like it. The Stevia Grower Newsletter is written by Jeffrey Goettemoeller for Prairie Oak Publishing. Jeffrey is an author, publisher, and horticulturalist. He sells stevia books and seeds at These articles are archived at Do you have a stevia question? Email me at and I might answer it in a future edition of this newsletter.